Borderlands 2 bank slots

borderlands 2 bank slots

The one problem is I don't have enough bank space to store them all. I Partner reddits. /r/ Borderlands2 accepts non-text posts. % more. What's going on guys, This tutorial is about how tio get unlimited bank space in Borderlands 2! This has. Keep in mind those ammo values do not take into consideration skills and equipment that can increase that. The Gunzerker has a couple skills.

Borderlands 2 bank slots - Disco, ein

Originally posted by 3WaveX:. Load a secondary character or third in my case to hold all your precious loot. I believe it's Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. This is an archived post. borderlands 2 bank slots Any one know how? Design Neo's Http:// Little Pony Mascot! Here are some handy resources: Notes optional; skrill konto erstellen for "Other": It hasn't hit the xbox yet since its minecraft selber spielen through MS game online roulette casino, but when it does that's the limit. There are just so many fun guns to collect. The max you can have and still be able to openly take items and get an empty slot back is You could also make some high level mule characters with gibbed, get them to sanctuary really quickly since they are high leveled, and use gibbed to give them eridium and buy bank space. Even if you mod it when the game restarts it will reset to a maximum of No View Profile View Posts. You can no longer use the vendors but you get unlimited pack space. Title says it all, is there a way to mod my save to add bank slots? Borderlands 2 appears to reset your Backpack back to 39 or whatever after quitting and restarting the game unless you have more weapons than that, of course. It isn't often you need 42 different items in your current inventory so backing up the item codes is often enough. More topics from this board PDGMTG PDGMTG 3 years ago 3 Keep in mind those ammo values do not take into consideration skills and equipment that can increase that. Report this post REASON. I believe the values represent how many times an item has been upgraded through the Black Market. Nutshercules Nutshercules In caesars online casino review few different ways, but it just doesn't save. Casino mmi, where are you in the game itself? Log in free casino games with bonus rounds sign up in seconds. I have 2 characters with jackpot party casino slots gemstone guns in storage. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep Claptastic Voyage. As with any purchasable SDU , they can be purchased at a higher level, without having to buy the intermediate steps. Is this the bank or backpack? What's this all about? So you can create a buildup of quest rewards: You won't be able to vote or comment. Change the values for the 8th line down to 0 Backpack , and the 9th line down to 0 Bank.

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